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Lair of the Miburo

A Shinsengumi Fan Community

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A fan community for those interested in everything about the Shinsengumi.
Welcome to the Lair!
"We are the Shinsengumi! We have business here!"
-Okita Souji, Mibu Gishi-Den

About the Community: We are a fan community dedicated to the Bakumatsu era group known as the Shinsengumi.

The Shinsengumi are commonly known as the last great swordgroup in Japan. Based in Kyoto during the final turbulent years of the Tokugawa shogunate (1863-1867), their mission was to put an end to the chaos caused by the Ishin Shishi who were determined to overthrow the Bakufu. Partly because of the ferocity with which they did their job and partly because of the antics of one of their early leaders, Serizawa Kamo, the group was also known as the "Miburo" or the "Wolves of Mibu".

Led by Kondo Isami and Hijikata Toshizo, their flag bore the Chinese symbol for "Makoto" (Sincerity). It represented them well, for the group lived by an iron code which was designed to uphold the highest priciples of Bushido or "The Way of the Samurai". The penalty for failure was seppuku.

It is the intention of this community to explore the lives and beliefs of these brave men who lived for "Makoto". The community is also a place to examine their significance in today's world and their ever-changing image in pop culture through discussions about the various manga, anime, movies, and other media in which they appear. In this way we hope to bring the spirit of the Shinsengumi back to life...

Community Rules:

While general info/questions about other groups, people, and events from the Bakumatsu and Boshin War era are always welcome, we ask that you keep all such posts to a reasonable minimum. Remember that our main focus is on the Shinsengumi.

Please keep your posts polite and on-topic.

Please add the appropriate tags to your posts to help new members locate past topics which might be of interests to them.

Fanfiction and fanart are always welcome. So are icons, macros, and any other Shinsengumi-related offerings. Just remember to put all pictures and/or the main portion of your fanfic behind an lj-cut. (You can put a few teasers for icons outside of the cut.)

If a picture is NSFW, please warn for it. We don't want to get anyone in trouble!

Fanfics should have appropriate headers:

Fandom/Source material
(PMK, RK, Historical, etc.)
Rating (G - R can be posted straight to the community. You may link to a NC-17 fic in your own journal if you have the appropriate filters in place.)
Warnings (Warnings are not an absolute requirement. However, we do ask that you at least note that you do not warn.)
Characters and/or Pairings

Any other information you want to add is welcome.
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